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Torque Unit Converter

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SI Units


Newton metre (N•m)
deca Newton metre (daN•m)
kilo Newton metre (kN•m)
deci Newton metre (dN•m)
centi Newton metre (cN•m)
milli Newton metre (mN•m)
micro Newton metre (μN•m)
Newton millimetre (N•mm)

Metric Units


kilogram - force metre (kgf•m) also called kilopound metre (kp•m)
kilogram - force centimetre (kgf•cm)
gram - force metre (gf•m)
gram - force centimetre (gf•cm)
dyne centimetre (dyn•cm) also called an erg

Imperial Units


pound - force foot (lbf•ft) also called foot pound (ft•lb)
pound - force inch (lbf•in) also called inch pound (in•lb)
ounce - force inch (ozf•in) also called inch ounces (in.oz)
ounce - force inch (ozf•in) also called inch ounces (in.oz)
poundal foot (pdl•ft)
poundal inch (pdl•in)
UK tone - force foot (tonf•ft)

You should always independently verify values used in critical applications. Norbar Torque Tools Ltd and subsidiary companies accept no liability for any resultant errors.

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Norbar has devised easy-to-use online calculators that support the correct application of torque in three key areas:

  1. Unit conversion to assist international measurement definitions.
  2. Torque extension for setting correct values
  3. Torque tension to identify precise levels of torque to be applied for individual applications.

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